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This allows you to estimate the amount of a particular protein, which, in turn, indicates the enzymatic activity of tissues. A decrease in the amount of a particular protein indicates its low release or accelerated destruction. Reducing the concentration of key proteins in certain areas allows you to determine the level of development of blisters at a very early stage, which already helps to determine the type of epidermolysis bullosa with a high degree of probability.

Immunofluorescent analysis in epidermolysis bullosa is carried out using mono- and polyclonal antibodies that have an affinity for the main proteins of the epidermis, the light plate and the upper layers of the dermis. An end to the diagnosis of this condition is put by genetic analysis by direct sequencing of genes that are associated with a particular type of disease. Such a multi-stage approach to the diagnosis of epidermolysis bullosa provides high accuracy.

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Significantly simplify the diagnosis of thisdisease allows the study of mobic online hereditary history, by which it is possible to identify his blood relatives with the same problem. In addition, if one of the relatives has epidermolysis bullosa, it makes sense to perform prenatal genetic diagnosis, which will reveal the presence of this pathology in the early stages of fetal development. Differential diagnosis is carried out with true pemphigus, some forms of bullous pemphigoid, acquired epidermolysis bullosa (which is not a hereditary, but an autoimmune disease).

Treatment of bullous epidermolysis. There is no specific treatment for this disease; all therapeutic procedures are reduced to preventing the development of complications and reducing the severity of vesicles and erosions. In the case of severe forms of bullous epidermolysis, prednisolone is prescribed.

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article imageFrom external therapeutic manipulations, an aseptic opening of the bubbles is performed, their lids are treated with antiseptics, and heliomycin ointment is applied. Bandaging should be done with extreme caution, as the pressure of the bandages can provoke the appearance of new meloxicam blisters. In the presence of complications (shock, sepsis), symptomatic treatment with anti-shock drugs and antibiotics is carried out. For prophylactic purposes, it is possible to irradiate the skin with ultraviolet rays.

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Modern genetics and a number of other areas of meloxicam medicine continue extensive research on epidermolysis bullosa in order to find more effective methods of treatment. Among the main technologies and methods, methods using stem cells, protein and gene therapy are considered the most promising. However, so far none of the methods has gone beyond animal experiments, so epidermolysis bullosa is currently an incurable disease. Epidermolysis bullosa prognosis.

The prognosis of epidermolysis bullosa is most often uncertain, as it depends on many factors and circumstances - the type of disease, the presence or absence of concomitant disorders in the patient, his lifestyle. For example, the local subtype of epidermolysis simplex most often has a benign course and rarely poses a threat to the life of the patient. Whereas the Allopo-Siemens subtype has a very high mortality - both from skin manifestations and due to long-term complications, such as damage to the kidneys and organs of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the development of squamous cell skin cancer.

Patients with such a problem should take care of mobic pill, do not forget about the antiseptic treatment of erosions and other lesions, avoid engaging in traumatic sports and other activities of this kind. The concept of epidermolysis bullosa was introduced by the German dermatologist Heinrich Koebner as early as 1886, although similar cases of skin diseases have occurred before. Life expectancy in epidermolysis bullosa.